Corporate Name Change

One Name,
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HickoryTech shareholders approved a corporate name change at the company's annual meeting on May 6, 2014, ratifying Enventis Corporation as its new corporate name. The corporate name change is effective immediately and the company is now trading its stock as Enventis Corporation under the new NASDAQ ticker symbol "ENVE." Read more about the corporate name change here.

This follows the company's decision last fall to adopt Enventis, as its primary service brand. Read more about the service brand change here.

  Investor FAQ regarding proposed corporate name change


Why did HickoryTech Corporation change its name to Enventis Corporation?

The name change aligns our corporate name with our service brand and how we conduct business. We are no longer exclusively a provider of landline telephone and related services, although these services remain an important aspect of our overall business. In the last eight years, we have expanded our business to provide voice over Internet Protocol, advanced data and fiber services, managed and hosted services and equipment and IT solutions. We have marketed the Enventis brand in the regions outside of our Telecom operations, including: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota; northern Minnesota; Fargo, North Dakota; and Des Moines, Iowa. The proposed name change will better represent our company and the services it offers customers, will more accurately reflect our business and will not encumber the company with a name that limits how our customers and the public perceive us.


Did the ticker symbol change?

The ticker symbol changed from HTCO to ENVE in May 2014. The company's stock will continue to trade on the NASDAQ Global Stock Exchange.


Are my HickoryTech Corporation (HTCO) or Mankato Citizens Telephone company (MCTC) stock certificate still valid? Is it the same as Enventis stock today?
Yes, all prior company stock certificates are still valid. This includes any certificates issued as Mankato Citizens Telephone Company (MCTC) or HickoryTech (HTCO).


As a shareholder, will I need to do anything on my end?
Shareholders do not need to take any action. All HTCO shares will automatically update to ENVE, with the exception of paper stock certificates.


Do you have a new website address?
Our new website address is Our investor relations site is